Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sharing Ideas Is What We Do!

Whether as a bookseller, a teacher or a librarian, the question, "What should I read next?" has always sent the wheels in my head spinning and my pulse racing. Maybe it's because I view it as the moment I can turn a child into a reader--if I pick the perfect book. Or perhaps, it's because I want to give the reader a chance to feel the magic I feel as I turn the pages of a book I love. Answering that question is an honor, a pleasure and a challenge all at the same time. I love it.

I love the kids I know so well that when they walk into the library, I say, "You gotta read this!" and they smile, check it out and return it with a "That was awesome," a few days later. I love the kids who say "no" to everything I offer, but magically find "the one" by the end of class. I love the kids who are willing to branch out from their favorite genre, the kids who cheer when the next book in their favorite series is available, and the kids who are honest and say, "I didn't really care for that one you gave me." I love them all.

Most of all, I love when we share book recommendations together. At the beginning of class, we start with, "What have you been reading? What would you recommend?" And now that summer is nearly here, I cringe at the thought of missing out on our face-to-face conversations. So I leave my little ones with some ideas for summer reading while hoping they find many treasures of their own until we meet up in August and begin with new ideas all over again.

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